Each research grant requires a Final Report. Therefore, conservatively more than 25 such reports have been submitted since the start of my faculty career at the University of Minnesota in 1976. Below are three of the reports that can be acquired from their sponsors: 

  1. The Potential of Sodium Sulfur Battery Energy Storage to Enable Further Integration of Wind, Saurabh Tewari and Ned Mohan, Xcel Energy, November 2011.

  1. Comparative Study of Adjustable-Speed Drives for Heat Pumps, Ned Mohan and James Ramsey, EPRI EM.47O4, Project 2033-4, Final Report, August 1986.

  1. Techniques for Energy Conservation in AC Motor-Driven Systems, Ned Mohan, EPRI EM-2037, Project 1201-13, Final Report, September 1981.