Government Model High School, Jabalpur, India 1962 (Principal: Dr. Nigum)


    Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur, Electrical Engineering, B. Tech. 1967 (Prof. Menon, Dept Head); photo: Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh launching the Diamond Jubilee with the Institute Director.


  University of New Brunswick (Canada), Electrical Engineering, MS 1969 (Advisor: Prof. Eugene Hill)


  University of Wisconsin - Madison, Nuclear Engineering, M.S. 1972 (Prof. Max Carbon, Dept Head)



 University of Wisconsin - Madison, Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. 1973 (Advisor: Prof. Harold A. Peterson)


    University of Wisconsin – Madison, Electrical Engineering, Post-doc 1973-1975 (Advisors: Prof. Harold A. Peterson and Prof. Roger Boom)